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Access your enrolment details see your accumulating results and download your credential with your Students Online account. All NSW high school students in years 10, 11 and 12 are eligible for an account.

Submit your details below. Your NESA Student Number will be displayed and you will also be sent an email to the address your school has supplied to NESA. Open the link in your email and enter your NESA Student Number to create your six-digit PIN.

If you have issues activating your account, contact your school to check how your details, particularly your given name and email address, are officially recorded.

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Enter your given name(s) EXACTLY as you are formally known by your school. For example, if your full name is 'Maxwell Anthony Smith', your school may have supplied your 'Given Name(s)' to NESA as 'Maxwell Anthony', 'Maxwell', or even, possibly, 'Max'.

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