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About Students Online

Students Online is your source for information about your senior school study, from Year 10 to the HSC.

Find information about school-based assessment, HSC exams and results, including grades, how the HSC works, preparing for exams and more. Log in with your Student Number and PIN to access your personal study details.

Students Online is developed and delivered by the NESA.

Your account – My Details

My Details is where you will find your personal study details, including your:

  • contact details
  • course enrolments
  • grades and HSC marks
  • personal HSC timetable
  • HSC assessment ranks.

If any of your personal details are incorrect in your account, tell your school immediately. You are also able to generate an eRecord PDF of your results to date.

Activate your account

Year 10, 11 and 12 students in NSW are eligible for a Students Online account. Your school must submit an email address for you to the NESA for your account to be created.

Have a pen ready to record your login details, which includes your Student Number. You will need to submit your:

  • given name(s)
  • family name
  • school
  • date of birth.

You will then be emailed an activation link which will take you into your account where you will create your six-digit PIN.

If you have issues, contact your school to check how your details are officially recorded, particularly your given name and email address. For example, if your full name is 'Maxwell Anthony Smith', your school may have supplied your 'Given Name(s)' to the NESA as 'Maxwell Anthony', 'Maxwell', or even 'Max'.

Forgotten PIN

Access your account and change your PIN if you have forgotten it. You also need your PIN to access your HSC results online and by SMS.


Find help and information about activating, logging into, and using your Students Online account.

Contact us

Contact the NESA for further help or information about the HSC, the RoSA or Students Online.

What the NESA NSW does

The NESA develops the syllabuses for the courses you study and is also responsible for managing the HSC and the RoSA. The HSC is a huge annual operation and the NESA manages everything from setting the exam papers, creating the exam timetable through to the marking of every single exam paper.


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